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In 2014 audiences were formally invited to dust off their robes, tug on their chains and polish their insignia, as A Mayor of Colchester returned to the Comedy Festival with this ground-breaking short film...

Ably assisted by repressed, grovelling, Town Clerk; Mister Tymperleys, the Borough’s highest ranking idiot - Grand Jape Master Respondent; Councillor Timothy St. John Mycroft Young and much put upon secretary Miss Abbeygate, A Mayor of Colchester for the very first time laid bare and trembling the majestic inner drollery of our own local government.

The lucky viewers were treated to an unprecedented and frankly unexpurgated glimpse of the Ceremonial Telling of Colchester’s one (and indeed only) Official Joke!


Wonder at the Pomp; be baffled by the Circumstance, secretly covet His Worship’s prodigious ‘Massive Donger’...

Written and directed by Darren Gooding  this brand new Colchester Comedy Festival commission; “The Telling of the Town Joke”, was screened in the main auditorium of  Colchester’s Firstsite Gallery  prior to all of the specially selected Festival Films –

The cut as screened at Firstsite is currently available on You Tube - with a specially extended edit soon to follow…

“It truly makes Local Government look like a Spectacle!” -

A Mayor of Colchester, 2014

II - The Telling of the Town Joke Civic Ceremonial - An Audience with A Mayor of Colchester Civic Ceremonial III - The Importance of Being Absent CC III - Importance of Being Absent CC I - Audience with A Mayor of Colchester