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 In 2008 Truelove Tours began pre-production on it’s first foray into  digital film making. So now the character of Manly Truelove has returned in a feature length film comedy, entitled

“As I Remember Thrigby” which was adapted from ‘Manly’s’ original Edinburgh stage show. Produced and directed by Darren Gooding on a shoestring budget, the film was shot in HDV over the course of 2008/2009, utilizing a minimal production crew, but drawing on a diversity of regional talent. You can view some of our production stills here.

The project benefited from the exceptional good will of a number of East Anglian arts and leisure venues including The Mercury Theatre, Hylands House, The University of Essex’s Lakeside Theatre and last, but by no means least, Colchester Arts Centre itself; all of which generously lent their support and resources, to this heroically low budget endeavour.

The film received a preview screening on Saturday March 28th 2009 at Colchester Arts Centre. In a triumph of post modern irony and plain, old-fashioned incongruity the converted church hosted the ‘World Premiere’ of this feature length entertainment. The great and the good of North Essex dusted off their dinner jackets, buffed their shoes and polished their tiaras, for an evening of Hollywood-Style glamour with “Manly” himself in attendance for the grand stagger down the red carpet.

A re-edited version of the film received its London Premiere the following year at 195 Piccadilly the home of BAFTA.

For a look at the finished film check out our Trailers page.

For more information about  DVD purchases or booking a screening of the film for an arts venue please click here.

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