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Truelove Tours Magic and Illusion

Truelove Tours Theatre Company, in collaboration with sumptuously-attired, crack-team of Essex-based Magicians; Nothing Up Our Sleeves presents a full-length evening of comedy and deception!

Written and Directed by Truelove Tours’ founder and N.U.O.S. member Darren Gooding,  Inventions of the Impossible features Nothing Up Our Sleeves’ merry band of eccentric Illusionists, led by Waist-coated Welsh Behemoth, and National-Treasure-in-waiting, Dean Allen Jones and featuring Masters of the Bizarre, Harvey Kennett and Steve Ward.

Inventions of the Impossible subversively mixes the anarchic spirit of Modern Street Magic with the showmanship and flair of the Golden Age of Victorian Stage Illusion; the rational and the irrational collide in a world of Surreal Comedy, Steampunk Science and Fairytale Fantasy. Sometimes wondrous, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes macabre, but absolutely always outrageously dressed. “Inventions of the Impossible” promises an eccentric treat for all devotees of the utterly improbable.

From Close Up Miracles to Grand Stage

 Illusions, join the intrepid Gentlemen

of N.U.O.S. as they endeavour to

catalogue a compendium of confusions:

How certain is the Uncertainty

Principle? Can a laser perform a

card trick? What does it take to

become a “Glamorous Assistant”

And do an inordinate amount of time

travellers really harbour homicidal

thoughts regarding their grandfathers?

The event can also feature a screening of N.U.O.S. Comedy Short “Magic: The Hidden Horror” – a cutting edge ‘documentary’ exposing the growing urban disorder that is anti-social Street Magic!

The Sphinx shall speak Prophesy, The Teleporter will be assembled, and Our Heroes will perspire as they furtively struggle to find your card without peeking...

Inventions of the Impossible premiered at Colchester Arts Centre on  Wednesday  28th November 2012 and was rapturously  received by a full house of magic devotees.

Check out The Nothing Up Our Sleeves Website for Production Shots and video footage. The show is available for booking for small / medium scale Theatres and Arts Centres by special arrangement.

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