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Illuminating Alice !


Writer, Performer, Cabaret Hostess and part time MtoF Retro Girl Miss Alice d’Lumiere chose her name, her clothes and her gender; this is her story…

In 2017 Alice premiered a brand new one person show; the culmination of a year’s worth of eccentric adventures in cross-dressing, role reversal and stepping through the Looking Glass of Gender.

“Illuminating Alice” was a co-commission between COLCHESTER ARTS CENTRE and NORWICH ARTS CENTRE. Supported by Arts Council England, the show is an unusually personal piece from an accomplished writer/performer; aiming to explore the question of how real are the people we see in the mirror... The resultant work is a passionate, honest and celebratory piece; part personal testament, part narrative cabaret; containing dynamic wordplay, extravagant frocks, Lewis Carroll imagery and a just a touch of Burlesque.

“Illuminating Alice” and its associated series of workshops are available for booking for Theatres and Arts Centres from the Autumn of 2018 and into 2019.

“I am a playwright, a performer, a compere and a magician. I go by a number of names and one of those is Alice d’Lumiere. This project concerns that aspect of me...

“To dispense with the Elephant in the wardrobe; I am essentially what one might term a “part time girl”; a happily married, heterosexual with no desire to permanently change their gender.

“I however clearly possess a curiously over-developed feminine side to my psychology which greatly benefits from a chance to come out, express herself creatively and interact with other people.

“My chosen femme name “Alice” was acquired on the local Goth scene and was born from a love of Lewis Carroll influenced intellectual nonsense and a habit of wearing full crinoline frocks with stripy tights!  

“Despite  working professionally en-femme as a Cabaret Hostess and Comedienne on the Retro, Burlesque and Steampunk circuits, I had yet to write a show specifically addressing the experience of being genderfluid, but that like me, has changed...”


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