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Writer, Performer, Cabaret Hostess and part time MtoF Retro Girl Miss Alice d’Lumiere chose her name, her clothes and her gender; this is the story of her origin.

In 2017 Alice premiered a brand new one person show; the culmination of a year’s worth of eccentric adventures in cross-dressing, role reversal and stepping through the Looking Glass of Gender. “Illuminating Alice” was a co-commission between COLCHESTER ARTS CENTRE and NORWICH ARTS CENTRE. Supported by Arts Council England, the show is an unusually personal piece from an accomplished writer/performer; aiming to explore the question of how real are the people we see in the mirror... The resultant work is a passionate, honest and celebratory piece; part personal testament, part narrative cabaret; containing dynamic wordplay, extravagant frocks, Lewis Carroll imagery and a just a touch of Burlesque.

Music composed by Tina Gooding. Movement Director Angelica Bangs.

“Illuminating Alice” and its associated series of workshops are available for booking for Theatres and Arts Centres from winter 2021.


“I am a playwright, a performer, a compere and a magician. I go by a number of names and one of those is Alice d’Lumiere. This project concerns that aspect of me...

“To dispense with the Elephant in the wardrobe; I am essentially what one might term a “part time girl”; a happily married, heterosexual with no desire to permanently change their gender.

“I however clearly possess a curiously over-developed feminine side to my psychology which greatly benefits from a chance to come out, express herself creatively and interact with other people.

“My chosen femme name “Alice” was acquired on the local Goth scene and was born from a love of Lewis Carroll influenced intellectual nonsense and a habit of wearing full petticoat frocks with stripy tights!  

“Despite  working professionally en-femme as a Cabaret Hostess and Comedienne on the Retro, Burlesque and Steampunk circuits for a few years, I had yet to write a show specifically addressing the experience of being gender-fluid, but that like me, has changed...”

Alice d’Lumiere


“You nailed it! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and giving me lots to talk and think about too.”

Emma Mordue

“Hi Alice. Loved your show at Norwich Arts Centre this evening. I felt extremely moved by the grace, honesty and positivity of your story. And I loved the singing…  Thanks so much for bringing your show to Norwich. I wish you all the best with your future creative adventures.”

Su Squire

“It was thought provoking,  entertaining and intriguing. Also your singing was fine especially in the second song which really suited your voice. I admired the vulnerability you brought to the performance and I was very happy to hear about all the work/ opportunities / friendships that have developed for you since letting Alice out to play... Well done and thank you.”

Lisa Eureka

“A fabulous evening in Norwich last night at 'Illuminating Alice' with the gorgeous Alice d'Lumiere, we're really looking forward to [THE TURNABOUT TEA] on Saturday. I went to both the Turnabout Tea and the Sewing Circle when they were held in Colchester last year: both of them were great fun, with a lovely relaxed and inclusive atmosphere, and I met some lovely people (and ate some lovely cake!), as well as learning a lot. This year they are both on the same day, in the fine city of Norwich. I can't recommend them, or indeed Norwich, highly enough.”


Main Photograph Copyright © Tina Gooding 2016